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How is HelpGlobe Different?

You may have already noticed, HelpGlobe looks like a Question and Answer site.  But this is not your average Q&A site. is the future of help, ready to store human-reviewed knowledge better than any existing Q&A or wiki platform, with these advanced features:

These combination of features has resulted in a truly accessible site, with quality questions and expert answers. Over time HelpGlobe will become the de-facto point of reference for all useful knowledge on the web.  

How does HelpGlobe compare with others?

Web 2.0 is about user-generated content.  Unrated user-generated content is junk, as reported by Businessweek.  Rated user-generated content is gold, and that's where HelpGlobe starts.  HelpGlobe adds the ability to refine contributions like Wiki's, and voila, you have the future. 

What's next for HelpGlobe?

We have built the ultimate platform for knowledge sharing, now we need user-generated content to realize the potential of this platform. Content is King, and we'll be looking for Editors and Moderators to contribute content.  This is a serious effort, and your knowledge contributions will be recognized and rewarded.   HelpGlobe will be the Next Big Thing on the Web!

So What's the Plan?

HelpGlobe will be the first member owned and operated, high-profile Web 3.0 site.  HelpGlobe owners will be determined by votes from contributors to the site.  That includes anybody who's written a question or answer.

What do you have to do? Do what you already do on the web, Google and research. Do research on the web, and  enter it in HelpGlobe. That's it! Ask and answer 500 questions, and you participate as a shareholder.  And you don't have to use only questions that come to your head... you can use anything interesting you find on the web!

HelpGlobe Basics

HelpGlobe members:

You may view questions, answers and comments without logging in.  After you sign in, you can ask, answer or give ratings.

Non-Linear, Temporal, Points Scoring System

Voting for ideas is different than voting in politics.  While in elections are for picking a leader, HelpGlobe is used to validate the truth.  The different goals required us to design a 5-point, non-linear scoring system, to measure contributions as helpful or not, which is more important to readers than sorting by popularity.

Democratic votes by HelpGlobe users affect how questions' helpfulness, and answers' helpfulness.  It works like this:

Why is it non-linear?  Because the result for users is whether to trust the answer or not.  The result should be a Yes/No decision, not an infinitely growing number.  Imagine this "real-life" example:

To credit the votes, there are 2 types of points tracked for each HelpGlobe member: Activity and Expertise.  Your points are tracked separately for each topic category.

HelpGlobe Rules

The HelpGlobe Community

DISCLAIMER: HelpGlobe cannot verify the accuracy or truthfulness of any of the answers or comments provided. HelpGlobe provides no assurance that the person answering your question has any expertise or qualifications to give such advice.

This page describes current HelpGlobe policies. This information may be updated at anytime without notice.

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