How would you determine when short-term or long-term goals should drive a decision?

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With experience and maturity, we improve our abilities to predict longer-term results of our actions. For example, humanity polluted the earth starting a century ago because at that time we couldn't predict our impact on the environment. We continue to pollute the earth now becase we choose to, for short-term selfish gains.

It's amazing how often people act immaturely for the short-term every day. Intentionally or not, we often decide to argue with our family because it makes us feel better short-term, even though we could have predicted the result on the relationship. So now the divorce rate is sky high. Sigh.

While we need to avoid short-term injury that lasts long-term, most of our decisions should be tailored to the long-term. Why? Because as humans we have been given the smarts to look into the future. So we should realize that potential by making good decisions for the long-term.
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