How do i design a website?

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For me, the best way to learn design concepts in HTML is to see how other good sites are designed.

And there's no better way to learn how other sites are designed than with the Web Developer extension for Firefox, from here:

You can edit CSS and HTML, and see how things are done.

Then to design my own site, I user Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression Web. These are the only 2 that have split design WYSIWYG modes, and auto-complete editing.

Expression Web has a few extra features:
 * you can create ASPX pages and more easily collaborate with developers.
 * it provides page wide syntax checking, great for debugging output of dynamic ASPX pages.
Answered by: EricC - 87 Months Ago.
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The design process is similar in software, engineering, and architecture.

For a simple informational website, you can use one of many templates, or a simple program like Drupal.

For an interactive website, you're designing the experience for the user, which flows into the design of the features of the website.

1. Storyboard - Write the story of the ideal experience for the user in detail. Where he clicks, scrolls, types, and what he sees. What he's thinking as he achieves his objectives.

2. Features - Given the detail described in the story, extract the features used and put that in a list.

3. Sketch, using a pencil, the features on different locations of each web page of your site. Use principles of symmetry and balance, of contrasts and flows.

4. Layout - use a drawing program to produce the layout with colours and detailed specifications for the features.

5. Mockup - use a web design program such as Dreamweaver, create the HTML elements that implements the layout. Use Javascript to illustrate dynamic behaviours.
Answered by: sherwin - 87 Months Ago.
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So your presence on MySpace and Facebook isn't enough for you, and you've decided you want to launch a full-fledged personal web page. It's time to take advantage of the Internet's massive space and convenience, as well as its ability to transform the trivial by etching it into the ether for eternity.

First of all, visit your favorite page and see what you like on it. Look at what the designer of the page has done to impress you, and keep it in mind when planning your own site.
Answered by: - 38 Months Ago.
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