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What was the sea level sea of Beringia at its greatest height? 17 
In: Society.Education Asked by: yanhy - 103 Months Ago.  Viewed 6880 times
Why do people invent new technology? Have those reasons changed in the modern period? 18 
In: Society.History Asked by: Becca - 103 Months Ago.  Viewed 9425 times
How do I copy 16,000 files into an external hard drive? 4 
In: Tech.Software Asked by: Babeheart - 103 Months Ago.  Viewed 3653 times
Can someone please help me figure out this chemistry question? I really need your help? 3 
In: Science.Chemistry Asked by: rafjo82 - 103 Months Ago.  Viewed 2407 times
I have a friend who said she has angina. She passes out sometimes when attacked by it. what type of angina is that and how dangerous is it? 2 
In: Health.Ailments Asked by: toots - 103 Months Ago.  Viewed 2387 times
Which company manufactures the best quality DVD-R recordable media? I saw some great deals on Philips, TDK, Memorex and Prodisc? 3 
In: Tech.Computers Asked by: Rock Star - 103 Months Ago.  Viewed 2605 times
Is it patriotic for wealthier Americans to pay higher taxes? 10 
In: Business.Tax Asked by: Doug - 103 Months Ago.  Viewed 3631 times
How do I start freelancing? 4 
In: Business.Marketing Asked by: akashshah - 103 Months Ago.  Viewed 3113 times
I have a song in my head. How do I record the song into MP3 on my computer? 13 
In: Tech.Software Asked by: r56 - 103 Months Ago.  Viewed 4639 times
How can I add an avatar to my profile? 10 
In: Help.How-To Asked by: Tobi - 103 Months Ago.  Viewed 3063 times
About how many inches of rain did Arlington heights, IL get on September 13th and 14th combined? 2 
In: Help.School Work Asked by: jalvarez1214 - 103 Months Ago.  Viewed 885 times
Tulip Perla Gurgaon/ Tulip sector 70 for booking process or confirm bookings Call 9810091101? 3 
In: Business.Real-Estate Asked by: cc.homeseek - 103 Months Ago.  Viewed 3613 times
Which line of longitude is labeled 0 degrees and separates the Eastern Hemisphere from the Western Hemisphere? 9 
In: Help.School Work Asked by: paula - 103 Months Ago.  Viewed 10658 times
Hi I have been trying to add the following actionscript to a movie clip without any success: on (press) { this.startDrag() ; } on (release) { this.stopDrag() ; } Errors as follows: 1087? 7 
In: Tech.Info-Tech Asked by: goodwill - 103 Months Ago.  Viewed 1130 times
What is a system analyst? 5 
In: Tech.Info-Tech Asked by: wendydu - 103 Months Ago.  Viewed 2379 times
Why did Free Settlers come to South Australia (Adelaide) in the 1800s? Also, why was South Australia chosen as the only non-convict settlement in Australia? 1 
In: Society.History Asked by: sirbla - 103 Months Ago.  Viewed 1619 times
What brands of USB Flash (Pen) Drives are the fastest, and what are the slowest? 5 
In: Tech.Computers Asked by: sherwin - 103 Months Ago.  Viewed 11782 times

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