Software for garment , textile and apparel industry purpose?

Suggest a software for garment , textile and apparel industry purpose to maintain a regural report of emploee , maintaing a raw material account , maintain a customer through online ?
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Please check a following links .I think its help for u

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Answered by: johylevver - 88 Months Ago.
FashionFlow ERP ( based in NYC is right solutions for you. It is specialized software for garment and has critical functions for apparel business of both importers and manufacturers. This vendor can provide much of the application part with modification to serve each customers unique requirements in their business. Its warehouse and garment POS module will also great as you expand your business.
Commented by: seanjeon - 63 Months Ago.
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As a small and just launched fashion business owners many times you've been requested to be an EDI compliant vendor and end up using 3rd party EDI service as an easy and simple to start. However, this service charge will be quite a bit amount as the business volume growing and there will be tremendous amount of manual entry will be accompanied which end up over time and hiring more people for shipment handling. We had a customer who was shipping all major department stores using 3rd party EDI service and had to spend almost $60,000/year for just EDI transaction and on top of it their EDI shipping manager had to overtime every time they have PO comes in and shipment goes out because of the manual entry and all those manual boxing. Recently we made their EDI business much simpler and cost effective by implementing NYPS Apparel ERP/EDI systems for their EDI business(SAS - Software-as-a-Service). By using this efficient Apparel EDI modules(NYPS ERP Apparel Suite) they reduced cost of their EDI to around $15,000/year(75% reduction) and eliminated unnecessary manual PO entry and the box creation processes. NYPS' EDI related reports are also helpful for their shipping manager to organize POs more efficiently ever. They are very much happy about their new EDI systems and services by NYPS TECH. This NYPS TECH introduces their ERP system's features and more detailed information at or . Any company who feels over spending on their EDI and too much work load on their EDI must consider this brilliant new EDI software as a service. Good luck with your business for all
Answered by: seanjeon - 63 Months Ago.
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Software for garment , textile and apparel industry purpose? Suggest a software for garment , textile and apparel industry purpose to maintain a regural report of emploee , maintaing a raw material account , maintain a customer through online ? - HelpGlobe.Tech.Software
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