What causes a tire bulge?

Is it safe to drive my car with that bulging bump on the sidewall of my tire?
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A tire bulge is the result of internal tire structural damage, not a good thing. The weakness in the tire sidewall combined with the internal air pressure causes the sidewall to bulge out at the area of weakness.

The cause of the tire bulge can be either from a heavy stress to the tire sidewall, like bouncing your tire off or up a curb at a good speed (ouch), or manufacturing defect with the tire sidewall being weak from the factory, or both. If you don't replace the tire, you may be in danger of a blowout, which at high-speed can cause you to loose control of the car and can even be fatal.

Make sure to get that tire replaced right away!
Answered by: nuttyprof - 90 Months Ago.
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A tire has a lot of air pressure pushing outwards. Usually there are some slight bulges on all tires. They say that these are normal as long as they are not more than 3/8 of an inch protrusion outward.

When the metal belts that are inside the rubber part of the tire break, it creates a weak spot and the air pressure pushes outward and creates a large bulge. If this is the cause you will be able to notice some kind of vibration. At high speeds, it's very dangerous when you get a blowout, so take to a tire shop for a visual inspection.
Answered by: JReines - 90 Months Ago.
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It's safe to drive slowly, because it can burst anytime.

The chances of bursting are higher in hotter temperature, and over bumpy roads.
Answered by: sherwin - 85 Months Ago.
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