How do people survive and adapt to hot desert climates such as Sahara desert, Africa?

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People are found living in extreme heat and extreme cold, from the Sahara to the Arctic, because people are extremely adaptable. With the cruel natural selection process, people who can't adapt die off. But people who adapt through the generations survive and thrive in any environment.

While that applies to generations of people, pepole living do not necessarily adapt to extreme conditions. For example, Eskimo's cannot adapt to the environment of the Sahara, nor can Africans survive in the Arctic. Changing environment in such extremes causes people to at minimum get extremely sick.

In the Sahara, people adapted by their rituals, clothing, shelter, and activities. During the midday sun people generally stay sheltered and have a siesta. If they go out in the day they cover up with loose clothes to keep themselves shaded cool.

The houses have been built to resist heat so it is cool inside, without air-conditioning.
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Hottest Place on Earth is at Dalol, Denakil Depression, Ethiopia, annual average temperature (93.2°F, 34°C)

And the Coldest Place on earth is Plateau Station, Antarctica, annual average temperature (-56.7°C)
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