What Does a Business Analyst Do?

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A business analyst, has the ability to capture a process and break it down into all its steps so that when re-combined these steps create the process itself.
In pure form, the business analyst can shadow a person through a manual process and communicate that process back to the software developers in a way that enables them to correctly duplicate the goal of that manual process in a software application.
And yes, there are documents and diagrams and specs and such that a Business Analyst is typically asked to create. But none of that has any value if you can't do the basics.You have to be observant, inquisitive, open-minded, approachable and relentless to get this job done right!
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A skilled business analyst is able to perform detailed analysis of business processes and data to identify problems and potential solutions. If the solution involves the development or modification of information systems, the business analyst is also responsible to gather, analyze, and document the business requirements which must be fulfilled by the software.

The talented business analyst has great analytical skills, plus communication and negotiation skills, in combination with experience in business and domain knowledge.
Answered by: karz - 85 Months Ago.
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The task of the business analyst (BA) in a software development team is to translate user requirements into software development specifications. Viewed as an information process, the BA's information customer is the software development team, specifically the systems analyst or architect, who receives information from the BA. The BA's information supplier is the systems user, often an information worker himself, who is responsible for providing clarity and detail about the business process.

Software development is difficult because it's about ideas, and ideas are not easily drawn, visualized, or measured. A blueprint, therefore, simply does not work for software. As a key part of the software development team, the business analyst must be extremely detail-oriented, in order to provide the best combination of clarity and alternatives to the team. BA's must enjoy investigation, and getting questions answered.
Answered by: Christine - 88 Months Ago.
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Business analyst are responsible for studying and making a strategy for a certain business. He is also the one who make research and gathering new trends that can be adopted. One of his work is to compile and make a proposal from his studies. They usually put it on suspension file like this:
Answered by: tanya5 - 20 Months Ago.
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