What is the average speed of a decent internet connection?

What is the typical speed in mbps for people surfing the web?
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Keeping it simple, based on current Internet content, 500 KBps is good, 5000 KBps is great, and 50 KBps is terrible.

Cable Internet typically downloads at 5000 KBps, but gets worse at busy times like evenings. DSL is typically 2500 KBps.

For testing connection speed, try these:

* http://www.internetfrog.com/mypc/speedtest/ - Easiest to read - green is good.

* http://www.speedtest.net - Gives percentile rankings in "My Summary" (50% is average)

* http://www.numion.com/YourSpeed3/index.html - Shows effects of busy times
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Note that MBps = 1000 KBps (All B = bits, not bytes)
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If you are talking about 500KB/sec download, that is fast; youtube and nearly any form of streaming media will work perfectly fine. If you are talking 500kb/sec that is kinda slow; you can still view youtube, but some forms of streaming media may not perform as well.

The difference is KB is kilo-bytes, while kb is kilo-bits (notice when it's bits, the kb is not capitalized). Generally, each byte equals eight bits.* So at 500KB/sec, that's 4000kb/sec! That is about mid-range cable internet speeds. While 500kb/sec is only 62.5KB/sec which is slightly faster then dial-up modem speeds; ouch.

For a better metric, you might want to run a speed test which will report your speed in kb/sec (sometimes labeled as kpbs). Typically anything over 1500kb/sec will suffice for streaming media.

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Test your Internet Connection Speed with our Internet Speed Test tool
Answered by: Jhonson - 35 Months Ago.
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Here's a great test site to compare your internet connection to the average:

Here's a site that shows you all the result from other people in a graph:

For download speed, anywhere between 3-7 MBps is average.
 * Typical Cable Internet speed is 4 Mbps (4000 Kbps)
 * Typical DSL (high-speed internet through phone ines) is 1.5 MBps (1500 KBps)

For upload speed, anywhere between 300-700 KBps is average.

If you get speeds less than 100 KBPs from the tests above, then something is wrong, and you'll need to check your networking hardware.

If you're not on High-speed internet, Dial-up speed is 56 Kbps or less.... typically 44 Kbps (upload + download combined)
Answered by: Doug - 85 Months Ago.
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The average download speed is typically different than the average upload speed.

A decent Internet connection can be anything from modem speed to high-speed, which is 100x of modem speed. Broadband is a term that typically refers to high-speed Internet offered by cable providers and DSL lines through phone companies.

Most users would not notice the difference between the "Lite" version of High-speed Internet and the "Extreme" version while surfing or e-mailing. The Lite version typically gives you 400 Kbps or higher, which is plenty fast enough. This is true for DSL or cable. Depending on your usage, if you download a lot of large files, you can potentially benefit with faster download times with the more expensive high-speed Internet service.

Nowadays, most users do not subscribe to dial-up Internet, unless you don't surf the web at all. If you do use the web with Dial-up, expect to wait a long time, because most sites are designed for broadband nowadays, including Facebook and Youtube.
Answered by: JReines - 84 Months Ago.
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Download speeds vary among different nations.

In the USA, the median download speed was 2.3 megabits per second (mbps). Speeds can be as high as 3 times the median in Rhode Island and Delaware, to 1/3 of the median in Alaska.

In Japan, the median download speed is 63 mbps, or 30 times faster than the U.S.
Other results had South Korea at 49 mbps, Finland at 21 mbps, France at 17 mbps, and Canada at 7.6 mbps.

Answered by: shshao - 74 Months Ago.
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Most services offer about 8Mb max (though you normally won't get that much, I get 6.5Mb) but in this day-and-age, if you are in a town or city, you should get 2Mb at least. One thing to check is whether that's your upload or download speed - it could well be upload as this is usually slower (hence the A in ADSL - asynchronous) and is often 500kb - my one is up to 8Mb down and 500kb or 1Mb (I can't remember which) up. http://www.a1alimo.com/
Answered by: info.a1alimo@gmail.com - 34 Months Ago.
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Internet speeds can be measured in KBps, Mbps or MBps. Normally any speed above 500 KBps is good to use. 500KB = 0.48828 MB.
You can check your internet speed from http://www.scanmyspeed.com/ This site shows result in both MBps and Mbps.
Answered by: josephvijay - 26 Months Ago.
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