What's the best remedy when your tongue is burning from super hot spicy food?

I love spicy food, not the painful aftermath.
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After trying 10 different types of remedy, milk was found to be the best remedy to cool down your burning mouth after being burned by hot-and-spicy.
Answered by: Rock Star - 81 Months Ago.
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Yogurt held in the mouth and swish it around for a 30 seconds or more at at time. It the heat is still strong, spit it out and take another spoonful until the burning decreases. Coconut milk would work even better than regular milk as it has a thicker consistence

Also never never drink water to try to cool a burning tongue and mouth because it will actually increase the heat of the food and then that heat and spiciness will travel down your throat and to down your stomach
Answered by: UrbanAngel - 81 Months Ago.
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I also find yogurt and bread to be good remedies.
Answered by: mcs - 81 Months Ago.
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Capsaicin, the active constituent, is fat soluble, which is why milk and yoghurt work fairly well, but something like olive oil should be even more efficient at dissolving any remaining product, which can then be spat out, and rinsed again. Even butter, or chocolate should work fairly well.
Answered by: jacko23 - 72 Months Ago.
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Answered by: mmdr - 1 Month Ago.

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