How long is winter in North America?

Which regions in North America have the longest winters, and which have the shortest?
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While Alaska and and Canadian north have 6-7 months of winter, and far southern states have no winter at all, most states with major population have 3-5 months of winter, or 90 to 150 days of winter.

On the coastal areas, the weather is moderated by the ocean. The temperature in the Great Lakes region is also moderated by the lake, but not as much as the ocean. For example, Bridgeport Connecticut has 98 Days With Minimum Temperature 32 Degrees F or Less, while Hartford only 60 miles away inland has 133 winter days!

Interestingly, the lakes and ocean delay the onset of the first fall frost, also delay the rise in temperature starting the spring. So the Great Lakes region won't necessarily have shorter winters, just a delayed winter.

For example, Pittsburgh and Erie Pennsylvania are both winter cities with 121 Winter Days (With Minimum Temperature 32 Degrees F or Less). However, Winter comes to Pittsburgh earlier than Erie, and Spring comes earlier in Erie than Pittsburgh by almost a month.
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It depends on the angle at which the sun's rays hit the earth, not on the distance between earth and sun. In the southern hemisphere, the earth is closest to the sun during summer but in the northern hemisphere that is winter.
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