Why are there so many black players in the NBA and NFL?

What percent of professional athletes are black football or basketball players?
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85% of the players in the NBA are black. 2 out of 3 NFL players are black. Most boxing champions are black. And all 30 sprinters who broke 10 seconds in the 100 meter are black.

Kenyans win marathons. Jamaicans win sprints. That's just the way it is. Why We’re Afraid To Talk About It?

It is well known that genetic diversity is highest for Africans. As East Africans have a near perfect biomechanical package for long-distance endurance: lean physiques and large lung capacities. And West Africans are tall, perfect for Basketball.
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According to science, East Africans have the best biomechanical structure for long-distance endurance: with lean physiques and large lung capacities.

West Africans add height to their physical structure, perfect for Basketball.
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