What can I eat for breakfast that's cheap?

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It depends on a few things, such as:

1. How much energy you need in the morning
2. How much time you have
3. What you consider cheap
4. What you enjoy eating

Dry cereal is a timeless favorite, and hot cereal is also quite cheap.
Eggs take a little time to cook, but also very cheap.
Breakfast bars are fast, but usually not the cheapest.
Answered by: Major Tom - 82 Months Ago.
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You can eat toasts, cereal, fruits(considering what is on sale) or even pancakes made out of potatoes.

How to make the pancakes:
Answered by: LemonDaisy - 35 Months Ago.
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Egg and milk is necessary and other food which you want but should be more energetic.
Answered by: Elezbeth - 57 Months Ago.
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Answered by: selena - 35 Months Ago.
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the first meal of the day (usually in the morning)
Answered by: GloBot - 82 Months Ago.
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