How many times can I split my cable? Does it make a difference if I have a digital box or an HD digital box? How about a cable modem or telephone service through cable?

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First of all, if possible, let your cable company do all necessary splitting in the cable box located outside your house. They will use expensive, high-quality splitters designed for minimal signal degradation. Plus, if you have any signal strength issues, it will be their responsibility to resolve them.

Cable can be split up to 4 ways using one splitter. If you have higher needs (for example, if you have 3 tv's, 1 cable modem, and 1 telephone modem), it is best to first split the signal into 2, and then split one of those into 3 (for the tv''s), and the other into 2 (for the modems).

Good splitters will indicate how much signal strength will be lost on each line. Digital cable boxes (especially HD boxes) have higher needs, so make sure that the lines with the least signal loss are routed to those devices.

If you want to control the splitting, and do it inside the house, it is best to buy a high-quality 4-way or 8-way splitter/booster. The good ones can cost as much as $200 - $300, and they boost the signal both ways (this is required since most devices like digital cable boxes and cable modems communicate with the cable company's system). The disadvantage is that some cable modems do not work well with 2-way boosters, so you may need to run a separate line directly into your cable modem (which kind of defeats the purpose).
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You can technically split a coax cable line as many times as you want given you have cable (satellite lines can not be split with a typical splitter, and require a device called a diplexer in order to split, combine, or mix different coax lines together/apart), it depends on what cable splitter you use, but every cable splitter will degrade the signal quality the more you split it, so if you use a lot of splitters, you will want your most quality dependent device first, followed by second dependent, third dependent, and so on, the dependencies are in this order.

1-Cable Modems/Digital Phone modems
2-HD Cable Set Top Boxes
3-SD Cable Set Top Boxes (Digital Set Top Boxes that don't offer HD)
4-HDTVs with ClearQAM tuner/CableCard compatibles
5-Analog Televisions

That means that if you have a cable modem, or if you have Digital Phone service through your cable company, you will need to connect it to the first splitter, or if your cable company offers TAP splitters, those are even better, as they don't give off much of a signal loss, cable boxes are also signal dependent, meaning the more splitters you add, the more hiccups you can get in your signal, if you have an HDTV, some HDTVs have a ClearQAM tuner, meaning you can get digital and HD channels that your cable company offers in the clear, these can still work after a couple splitters, but you can still get hiccups in the image, then you have your typical analog televisions, these will work no matter how many splitters you connect, but the more splitters you add, the more "snowy" your image will get
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You may find answers here. Pls refer to Hope this can help you.
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